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July 12, 2016

Marketers have to work with or for clients, customers, consumers, potential clients, target groups, people, etc. But regardless of the names we use to describe who marketers are dealing with, the naked truth is that all these terms stand for humans. What you call them has no real importance.

At first glance this is trivial. I personally don’t believe it is so obvious that in our daily work we deal with humans and my belief is based on observation, not on hunches. Too often marketers as well as o...

December 15, 2015

Discounts are generally used to increase sales’ volume by decreasing prices and creating “buzz”. Nonetheless, I encountered an interesting way in which discounts are used to overcharge one-time-buyers.

Usually, promo codes and discounts are used to attract referral clients or in cross-selling. In the pictures above, however, this is clearly not the case. These pictures were taken in a Metro train in Washington DC. Since the promo code is publicly advertised, anyone who buys a ticket can use it to...

December 11, 2015

In reaction to the persisting decrease of vaccination rates in developed countries, public authorities, the media and nonprofits counteract with information campaigns. In my opinion, this approach is self-defeating because it ignores the phenomenon’s behavioral realities.

1. Raising awareness is typical for information campaigns.

Articles with headlines such as Wealthy L.A. Schools' Vaccination Rates Are as Low as South Sudan's are well intended, but ignore the effect of social proof. When unsure...