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December 8, 2017

A marginalized ethnic group’s tradition of blatantly displaying wealth gives some valuable insights on financial behavior in the XXIst century world. Moreover, “Conspicuous saving” offers valuable insights for the design of consumer financial products aimed at increasing financial security. (7 min read + an invitation).

January 12, 2017

Nick’s behavioral design program has profoundly changed the way we perceive people and their interactions with money. His course covered several key aspects of human behavior, economics and behavioral design in both breadth and depth.

This course should become the “must-have” for researchers and product designers in the financial services industry.

Pieter Rossouw, Consumer & Market Insights Manager Client Solutions

Behavioral Science and Behavioral Design for Consumer Finance Products - Full Progr...

August 31, 2016

Five years ago when my wife and I got married (hence, she is now my wife), we received a greeting card with 100 Australian dollars from a friend of my mother who lives in Australia.

Cornelia (my wife) and I never converted those 100 AUD in Euros and kept them in a safe place either as a last resort fund or, at the time naively, thinking that we will someday go to Australia and spend them there.

A year and a half ago we moved from The Netherlands to the USA. As any international move, it was n...

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