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Save Something Good for the End in Order to Sell Again in the Future: The Peak-End Rule in Service Design

March 6, 2018

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Good (Customer Experience) Design is 99% Invisible

February 7, 2018

Good design enables people to do (achieve) what they want without them realizing it. I know, it sounds a bit daunting, but this is how very good design works.


A well-designed product, service or experience helps people achieve their goals without shouting out-loud “notice me” and “praise me”.


Services such as cruises and theme parks that are purchased entirely for the experience are exceptions to this rule. Nobody goes on a cruise for transportation - getting from, say, Anchorage to Vancouver.  


The bulk of services, however, are not bought exclusively for the experience. They are bought for fulfilling a need that is not living the experience itself. Very good experience designe