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Save Something Good for the End in Order to Sell Again in the Future: The Peak-End Rule in Service Design

March 6, 2018

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Loss Aversion Makes You Waste with a Delay

March 12, 2018

Last weekend I took part in the Washington DC chapter of the global Design Jam 2018. The team that I was in focused on designing solutions for reducing waste. We focused reducing waste in the context of “takeout” food (i.e. when one orders food from a restaurant to be consumed outside the restaurant).


Delayed Waste


We realized that much of the waste produced by takeout was delayed. Many (most?) restaurants include in the “takeout kit” items such as plastic cutlery, salt & pepper tiny bags, ketchup etc. that are not necessary in the context of eating at home. Sure, if you’re eating in a hotel room you need these items, but if you’re eating at home, you have your own cutlery, plates and, better ketchup.