Pikant & Naumof Sees Human Behavior in 4D

A detailed illustration of the 4D Model Of Human Behavior is in the article below. 

See Your Customers, Co-Workers and Every Person in 4D

The general belief:


Human Behavior is the outcome of a Person's Character mixed with cold-Reasoned Judgment.


Good things are done by good people, while

bad things are done by bad people.

You Know what to do ;)

We have a different (4D) perspective: Human Behavior is the result of four main Drivers

3. Physical Environment

What we perceive through our sense, how the physical environment is designed, the way in which choices are presented.

4. Personality

Personality traits are predictors of long-term patterns of behavior

2. Transient (internal) States


How we feel / are at the moment of behaving (e.g. hunger, bliss).

1. Social Influences

What other people arround us do and say.

The 4D Model of Human Behavior is the fundamental tool of all Pikant & Naumof Services