Nick Naumof

Applied Behavioral Science Specialist

Consultant | Trainer | Writer | Researcher | Thinker

Nick Naumof gave trainings, workshops and conference talks on four continents. 

He worked on projects in financial product design, fast moving consumer goods, health and wellness, human resources etc.

You really are a walking encyclopedia of behavioral science.

Arjan Haring (source) 

Nick Naumof has studied people from different scientific perspectives ranging from economics to consumer behavior, behavioral economics and evolutionary psychology.
Author of “It Makes (No) Sense – Between the Joy of Gaining and the Fear of Losing”, Nick Naumof has a unique mix of skills that allow him to translate academic insights of behavioral science into practical applications in business and service design.

With more than nine years’ experience in developing and delivering workshops & training programs, Nick Naumof offers highly engaging and intriguing learning experiences.

Nick Naumof often gives keynote talks on applied behavioral science. He (usually) engages the audience in collective exercises and thought experiments. Among his recent appearances are The Habit Summit Europe 2014, Design for Conversion 2014, Action Design Meetup July 2015, June 2016, February 2017 and AMSRS 2016.

Nicolae (Nick) Naumof: Behavioral Science Trainer, Writer Thinker

Nick Naumof was a treat for the Habit Summit Europe! His presentation was the most surprising of the event.


Nick is very knowledgeable on behavioral science and he is an engaging speaker that likes to involve the audience.

Arjan Haring

co-organizer of The Habit Summit Europe 2014.

Nicolae (Nick) Naumof: Behavioral Science Trainer, Writer Thinker

We were very pleased with Nick Naumof's contribution to our 2016 conference as both a key note speaker and workshop facilitator.  

His expertise in the field of behavioral science along with his easygoing manner and presentation style makes for an entertaining and informative mix.

Stephen Paton co-organizer of AMSRS 2016.

Nick delivered more than promised: content to reflect on, presentation to learn from and takeaways that the group took home to work on right away.

Jeroen Nas CEO VEMT

Nick Naumof is a Prolific Writer

Alongside his book: It Makes (No) Sense, Nick is known for his Blog on Behavioral Science and its Practical Applications.


Nick's Blog Is Read by Field Experts and Enthusiasts.


Nick wrote a guest post on on the Transition from Nudge to Behavioral Design. Occasionally his posts are featured on the World Bank's blog Development Impact

Nick Naumof Beyond the Professional

Nick Naumof (Nicolae Naumof Ionescu by his full name) was born in Romania near the Danube Delta. This magical place where the Danube meets the Black Sea has a special place in Nick's hart.


For 21 years Nick has lived, studied and worked in Bucharest (capital of Romania).

In 2010 Nick Naumof moved to The Netherlands where he studied, worked and lived till April 2015. 


The city of Rotterdam is, for Nick, his second home.  

Starting May 2015 Nick lives and works in the U.S.A. in The Washington D.C. Metro Area (Alexandria, Virginia)

Nick is happily married to Cornelia. Both enjoy good food and the company of smart people.


Cornelia Loves Mountains, Nick Loves the Sea-Side.