Nick Naumof assists businesses & nonprofits in implementing behavioral design.

· Service Auditing from a behavioral perspective.

· Consulting on integrating behavioral design in services.

· Training in behavioral science and its practical applications.

· Innovation workshops on behavioral service design.

· Design of Randomized Control Trials for effectiveness measurement. 

  • Behavioural science is a gold mine for service design and customer experience – Interview with Nicolae Naumof
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Behavioral Science is a Gold Mine for Service Design and Customer Experience

Interview with Nick Naumof by Adrian Swinscoe

Behavioral Design Fuses Knowledge from Behavioral Science with Design Thinking Innovation Methodology to
Create Services and Products that
With Human Nature, Not Against it.

At the same time, for most (real) people it is difficult to transform these good intentions into actions.
Everyday life's challenges and poor (service) design prevent many people from achieving their goals.

Changes in context we don't expect to make a difference are likely to make a difference!
Daniel Kahneman (Nobel Prize winner, Author of Thinking Fast and Slow)

Behavioral Design = an endeavor of steering what people do (behavior) by means of controlling the context / environment in which the behavior occurs.

What is Behavioral Design?

Changing Behaviors Through Design

Real people, sometimes, make decisions and behave in ways that apparently make no sense such as taking the elevator on the way to the gym.

Human thinking, decision making and behavior are strongly influenced by the context. Even small, supposedly irrelevant features can have a large impact on what people do. 

Research in behavioral science produced a solid knowledge base on how decision and behavior are influenced by contextual factors.

Most people have wonderful goals and intentions such as having financial security, being in good health and being environmentally friendly.
Behavioral Design Allows Businesses and Nonprofits to Create Services and Products that Allow Individuals to Reach their own Goals by Leveraging the Natural Ways in which Real People Think and Behave.

Social Development

Domains that benefit most from using Behavioral Design

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