Behavioral Design 101 (Nudge)

 Introduction in Applications of Behavioral Science

What Real People do is strongly influenced by features of the physical environment, by what others are doing and by temporary physical & mental states.


Behavioral Design leverages knowledge from behavioral science in order to create interventions that steer behavior towards the desired outcome. 

Changing Behaviors Through Design

Behavioral Design = an endeavor of steering what people do (behavior) by means of controlling the context / environment in which the behavior occurs.

Help People Achieve their Goals.
 Make a Profit and / or Reduce Costs

Behavioral Design Allows Businesses and Nonprofits to Create Services and Products that Allow Individuals to Reach their own Goals by Leveraging the Natural Ways in which People Think and Behave.

Behavioral Design: From Cool Tricks to Generation of True Value for Both Clients & Businesses.

Behavioral Design can be implemented at different levels ranging from cool tricks aimed at precise behavior change to more complex interventions which generate true value resulting in increasing both customer satisfaction and profitability.

Behavioral Design 101 Workshop

  • Learn some major findings from behavioral science.

  • Become acquainted with examples of how behavioral science can be applied in service and product design.

  • Participate in a hands-on behavioral design session on a topic of interest for your company / organization.

Interested? Contact Nick Naumof to talk about how Behavioral Design can help improve your activity.

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