Behavioral Design for Incentives, Rewards & Reminders - Hands-On Workshop

Recommended for professionals in Customer Experience, UX design, marketing, loyalty and retention. 
Companies and organizations use incentives, rewards and reminders to stimulate and support people to perform a wide array of behaviors.

Behavioral Science offers valuable insights on how incentives, rewards & reminders can become more effective.
Attending Nick's workshop on Incentives and rewards offered us a variety of examples on applications of behavioral insights into the design of financial products. We also learned about ways to help customers follow through on their goals.
Laura C., Associate at Bankable Frontier Associates (USA)

Learn how to use Behavioral Design to create more effective incentives, rewards & reminders.

How to use financial and material incentives effectively.

Understand the roles reminders and feedback play in influencing human behavior.

How to effectively link reminders, rewards and feedback with human behavior.

Enjoy negative and positive examples on how to use incentives, rewards and reminders.

Curriculum for Behavioral Design for Incentives, Rewards & Reminders:
  • Monetary incentives:

    • Supersizing perception of monetary incentives.

    • Who gets the monetary incentive?

  • Objects & Experiences as incentives.

  • Social rewards & feedback (social validation).

  • Positive Feedback: points and the goal gradient effect.

  • Timing of incentives & rewards.

  • Constant vs. Variable rewards.


Reminders & Feedback
  • Reminders as memory refreshers.

  • Timing of reminders.

  • Reminders as positive feedback (pats on the back).

  • Reminders as peace of mind.

  • Reminders as peace of mind & excitement generators.

  • Reminders as (external) triggers.

  • Rewards & Feedback frequency. 

Hands-on case-based exercises
  • Participants design various incentives and reminders & feedback schemes based on a realistic case.

Facts on Behavioral Design for Incentives, Rewards & Reminders:
  • 2 hours presentation,
  • 2 hours hands-on designing incentives, rewards & reminders,
  • up to 20 participants,
  • on-site in-person delivery available,
  • remote online-training-platform delivery available.
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