5 Things Successful People Do (Nick’s style)

Lists of N things about successful people are like a magnet for clicks. Yet, most (if not all) of these lists have close to zero practical value. Successful people do lots of things, the main being being successful. The appeal for posts about what successful people do comes from an erroneous belief that doing what they do will make someone like them – successful. Apart from a difficulty in understanding the complex causality of success, there is an even worse flaw: not looking for disconfirming evidence. Let’s say that successful people drink water, but so does everyone including people who are not successful (rich / famous), broke, homeless etc. The drinking water example is self-evident an

Seeking Mediocrity: Humans are Hardwired to Avoid the Worst, not to Seek the Best Outcome

Probably the most established particularity of human judgment is "loss aversion" - people dislike losses more than they enjoy equivalent gains. Incurring a loss of $100 hurts roughly twice as much as gaining $100 brings pleasure. We know that all humans are loss averse, to a greater or lesser extent. Naturally, the question of why is this the case? arises. Living on the edge One very elegant explanation comes from evolutionary psychology. Our evolutionary ancestors lived in environments with relatively scarce resources. Simply put, the resources available in a certain area allowed for survival and successful reproduction, but not for much more. In this living on the edge setting, it is only

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