How to Reduce the Pain of Payment for Customers

Use your imagination and picture a market in the mid XV-th century in Europe. Farmers and tradesmen sell their products in the square of the city. Others want to buy and search for the best offer. At one point the buyer chooses one seller and buys, say wool. In exchange for the wool the buyer will give the seller a number of coins – money. If we think about this transaction – wool for coins – we notice that it is a very visible one. The buyer takes the coins out of his bag (pocket) and gives them to the seller in exchange for the product. Putting things a bit differently, for the buyer it is impossible to not see the coins (money) going out of his pocket and going into the seller’s hand and

Marketing and human behavior building: See your customer in 4D

Marketers have to work with or for clients, customers, consumers, potential clients, target groups, people, etc. But regardless of the names we use to describe who marketers are dealing with, the naked truth is that all these terms stand for humans. What you call them has no real importance. At first glance this is trivial. I personally don’t believe it is so obvious that in our daily work we deal with humans and my belief is based on observation, not on hunches. Too often marketers as well as other professionals simply ignore human nature. I honestly hope that ignoring human nature is due to mere lack of knowledge on the topic. The core of a marketer’s job is to understand, predict and infl

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