Emotions at Work

Companies investigate employee satisfaction, engagement, wellbeing for a variety of reasons: High Recruitment costs; High turnover is bad for business; The role employees play in the final product, particularly in services; Inertia / trendiness. Most of these investigations are focused on rationally objective topics such as availability of physical resources for employees to do their jobs properly and presence or absence of opportunities for individual professional development etc. While acknowledging the importance of such features, I believe that an approach based exclusively on rational-objective measures is, at least, incomplete. I propose that, alongside these objective rational measure

Speaking at AMSRS 2016 conference

In Early September 2016 I had the privilege to give a keynote presentation and a workshop at The Australian Market & Social Research Society annual conference in Melbourne Australia. The keynote The keynote I gave under the title “Beyond Nudge Behavioral Design & Big Context” covered two major issues. First it emphasized that behavioral science insights can and should be integrated in the very core of services, businesses and public policy. Simply put, we need to go from “nudges” that augment existing services and policies to the behavioral design of services and policies. We need to go from putting a strawberry on top of an (existing) cake to making strawberry cake. Second, when thinking ab

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