Behavioral Design For Consumer Financial Services Preview

Nick’s behavioral design program has profoundly changed the way we perceive people and their interactions with money. His course covered several key aspects of human behavior, economics and behavioral design in both breadth and depth. This course should become the “must-have” for researchers and product designers in the financial services industry. Pieter Rossouw, Consumer & Market Insights Manager Client Solutions Behavioral Science and Behavioral Design for Consumer Finance Products - Full Program

When Behavioral Economics Clashes with Traditional Economics - applications of behavioral science do

People who work in behavioral economics (to be accurate, most often, behavioral science) somehow claim that their field – behavioral economics – is superior to that of traditional (pure) economics. I’m very fortunate to have a very good understanding of behavioral science and a reasonably good understanding of traditional (normative) economics. I believe that there is an ignored conflict between applied behavioral science and traditional economics: applied behavioral science endeavors clash with free market economics. A few months back, I was contacted by an organization who wanted to contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gases emissions by encouraging people to change their diets. In ve

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