Segregation by Suburbia

The United States of America is famous for “Suburbia” – the low-density quasi-urban areas that span around cities. Suburbia consists of privately developed residential areas mixed with some commercial areas that make-up small (incorporated) communities – suburban towns. Suburban developments are strikingly homogeneous. Residents of each suburban development are very similar in terms of social class (income) and everything that correlates with that: race, education, immigration status etc. The striking uniformity comes from how these residential developments come to exist. For real-estate developers it makes perfect sense to build a “suburb” that targets a certain income-based consumer segmen

Behavioral Design for Incentives and Rewards Talk at Action Design Washington DC Feb 2017

An interview by Zarak Khan, President of Action Design. Zarak Khan: Thanks again, Nick, for an excellent talk the other day. Nick Naumof: Thank you for having me for the third time in about 18 months at Action Design DC. As usual it was a pleasure. Zarak: Could you give us the gist of your presentation for our members who couldn’t attend your talk? Nick: The talk was a preview of my latest workshop – Behavioral science for incentives and rewards. The focus of the talk was on how learnings from behavioral science can be applied in the area of designing incentives and rewards (feedback) systems. There are two major learnings on how understanding human nature can lead to better incentives and r

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