The Power of Good Service Design is in the Details

You, probably, are familiar with the saying “The Devil is in the Details” and in the same place – details – resides the power of customer satisfaction and good experience. Imagine you are coming from Hong-Kong or Washington DC to The Netherlands on an extended business trip (say two months). You get a short-medium stay apartment in a nice area of The Hague (political capital of The Netherlands). It’s a very nice old apartment newly renovated and has some cool design features that you like them, but wouldn’t do them in your own place. The apartment comes with a large price tag (a bit over 3300 USD/ month), but it’s a nice place, great location and it’s a legitimate business expense. For forei

3 Levels of Firmness in Behavioral Design

Behavioral design means influencing what people do (behavior) by modifying (designing) the environment in which the behavior takes place. The changes in context (aka. behavioral interventions) can have different levels of firmness - the extent to which they restrict the users' freedom exhibiting behaviors that are different from the one desired by the designers. At the first level of firmness, the changes in the environment are subtle and aim at guiding behavior. For example, the do not disturb door-handle tag in hotels is a relatively subtle cue of what the desired behavior is – do not come into the room (to clean it). Even if the instruction is clear – do not disturb, the tag doesn’t preve

Hold on Tight

Any respectable presentation on applied behavioral science must include a picture of a urinal with a fly sticker in it. On the recent vacation my wife and I took, I came across a different adaptation of urinals – the urinal with a handle bar on top. There could be several explanations for this added feature (handle bar). First, the urinal is on a cruise ship and the typical cruise client is 70+ years old. Second, even if cruise ships are big and stable, it can happen that in rough seas, there would be some motion. Third, on cruise ships, people tend to drink a lot – some are considering the cruise as an itinerant Las Vegas – what happens on the cruise, stays on the ship.

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