Not sure this is a "Nudge"

I'm not sure if this is intended to be a Nudge that leverages the conformation with the desired behavior when people are being observed - the behavior is visible to others. It might very well be some form of art that I don't understand. The picture was taken in the restroom of a restaurant in The Hague - The Netherlands.

Nudges are Cheap in the Same Way Medicines are Cheap

In the majority of presentations on applied behavioral science, it is strongly emphasized the fact that Nudges are low-cost (cheap) interventions/ changes that have a disproportionally large impact on the desired outcome. I believe that this is, mostly, an exaggerated claim. Nudges are cheap in the same way medicines are cheap. Manufacturing one pill doesn’t cost much, and the pill, usually, is highly effective in achieving the desired outcome. In the case of Nudges, behavioral interventions such as changing the default option, adding social comparisons, and rewording of a message are or, at least, seem cheap. But, there are at least three big categories of not-so-obvious barriers to adoptin

Riding Randomness – The First Principle

Dear readers, Apologies for the almost four months of blog silence. Between August and November this year, I dedicated most of my creative effort to my new book – Riding Randomness: Another kind of success story. Starting this week, I will publish several excerpts from the book. If you like my writing and know a publisher or literary agent who would be open to getting the book in print, I will be forever grateful for the introduction. Principle 1. Accept that randomness plays a huge role in our lives and that what happens with each of us is not entirely dependent on our own actions. Success stories give the false belief that achieving success depends only on your effort and personal qualitie

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