Designing Decisions: Choice Architecture Workshop

Recommended for professionals in Customer Experience, UX Design, Service Design and Marketing.  


Decision makers do not make choices in a vacuum.

Choice Architecture is the intentional design of the choice environment aimed at guiding choice towards a particular option.

Fascinating program covering Choice Architecture. Nick presents the content in a easy to understand way and adds his own perspective on this exciting area of behavioral science.

Paul Flood, Managing Director (UK)

The training was very inspirational, energizing bringing lots of ideas, with both substantial and in-depth knowledge together with case studies, learning from experience and being fully practice-oriented.
Zuzana Vagnerova, Executive Associate (SK)


Decision makers do not make choices in a vacuum.

People make choices and decision hundreds of times each day. Some of these choices are the result of revealed pre-existing preferences; others, however, are the result of preferences constructed at the moment of decision-making.

Decision makers do not make choices in a vacuum.
The structure and design of the environment in which a user/ consumer makes a decision can influence her choice. 

Sometimes people take the elevator on the way to the gym.

The Designing Decisions workshop offers a comprehensive summary of the main findings in decision-making psychology and how they can be used in the design of user/ consumer experiences. 

Learn how to use Choice Architecture to design choice contexts that influence user/ customer experience.

How to design choice sets that guide choice towards one particular option.

Understand the complex implications of choice architecture in a business setting.

Enjoy negative and positive, real-life examples of choice architecture.

Take part in hands-on exercises of designing choice contexts using choice architecture. 

Curriculum for Designing Decisions - Choice Architecture Workshop:

Introduction to choice architecture:
  • What is choice architecture.

  • Individual Preferences and their flexibility.

  • A critical perspective on making a choice: from no-choice to choice-overload. 


Established choice architecture tools:
  • Pre-selected Default options.

  • Anchoring & adjustment and relativity of absolute values.

  • Loss aversion and reframing outcomes.

  • Compromise effect.

  • Attraction effect.

  • Social imitation.

  • Examples of practical applications of choice architecture. 

Advanced elements of choice architecture:

  • Evaluation modes and preference reversibility. 

  • Choice reversibility & anticipated regret.

  • Importance of “temporary cancellation”.

  • Decision points & pain of paying.

  • Prompted active choice vs. pre-selected default options.

  • Advanced examples of choice architecture.

Hands-on case-based exercises
  • Participants analyze and design various choice architecture cases.

Facts on Designing Decisions - Choice Architecture Workshop:
  • 2 days workshop,
  • 5 hours presentation & 6 hours hands-on exercises,
  • up to 20 participants,
  • on-site in-person delivery available,
  • remote online-training-platform delivery available (4 lessons).
Shorter, more compact, versions of the program are available.
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