Nudge Design Introductory Workshop in Applied Behavioral Science

Behavioral Science offers valuable knowledge on what drives human behavior.
What people do is strongly influenced by features of the physical environment, by what others are doing and by temporary physical & mental states.
Small design changes (nudges) can subtly influence human behavior. 
Behavioral Science insights can be used to create interventions (nudges) that steer behavior towards the desired outcome. 
Nudges address intuitive thinking (System 1) without requiring people to rely on deliberate thinking (System 2) for exhibiting the desired behavior. 

Learn how to use Behavioral Science to create nudges - interventions that influence human behavior.

How to design choice architecture that guides choice to the desired option.

Understand how the physical environment influences human behavior.

How other people's behavior can be leveraged in designing nudges.

Enjoy examples on real-life applications of behavioral science.

Curriculum for Nudge Design:
  • What behavioral science is and why it is important.
  • Examples of Nudges.
  • A glimpse of Choice Architecture and how it influences choice.
  • Changes in the physical design lead to changes in behavior.
  • Social influences on human behavior.
  • Hands-on applications of behavioral science insights.
Facts on Nudge Design:
  • 3 hours presentation,
  • 3 hours hands-on applications - designing nudges,
  • up to 20 participants,
  • on-site in-person delivery available,
  • remote online-training-platform delivery available (2 lessons).
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