Thinker - Master Class in Human Judgment and Decision Making


A Journey in the Fascinating World of Human Judgment and Decision Making  

2 days (12 hours approx.)

Human Judgment is Wonderfully Diverse
Ranging from
Magnificent Reasoning to
Contradictory Intuitive Thinking
How much we actually think like reasoning machines and how much we truly rely on intuitions?  

Behavioral science challenged the dogma of full rationality and proved that very often our judgments are not as sound as we thought them to be.


The journey will start at how we should make decisions under uncertainty and will go towards how we actually make decisions under risk; it will take you through the main rules used in intuitive thinking and will end with a taste of the tricks our minds play when dealing with randomness and causality.


Get Thinker Master Class and You will Learn: ​

  • How we should and how we (most likely) actually make decisions that involve uncertainty,

  • How we answer a difficult question with the answer of a simple one,

  • Why plans often come with (unexpected) delays and go over-budget,

  • When To and When Not To rely on expert judgment and on predictions,

  • The tricks our minds play on us when it comes to randomness and causality.

  • Why we are willing to do the right thing, but only in the future.

  • Why what we feel is (often) more important than what we think.

And ... It doesn’t end here


You will solve case studies on decision making under uncertainty. 

We will Discuss how you can use these insights in your own work.