Quantitative Research and Data Analysis

Research and Data empower businesses and nonprofits to improve their programs, services, products and, ultimately, themselves.

Quantitative research and data analysis allow for decisions to not be based only on hunches, but driven by solid data.

Randomized Control Trials (RCTs)

RCTs are used to identify which version of a program, letter, landing page, incentive etc. is the most effective in achieving the desired goal. 

RCTs are used in behavioral design and not only to test what works and, if possible, to identify why it works best.

Survey Quantitative Research

Survey Research is broadly used in marketing, customer experience, human resources management etc.
It can be used for both exploratory (see what is going) and predictive purposes (build models that can predict future outcomes).

Nick Naumof Can Help You With:

  • RCT Design,

  • RCT Data Analysis and Interpretation,

  • Survey Research Design,

  • Survey Research Data Analysis and Interpretation,

  • Executive Report Writing.


Statistics geeks only: Nick knows Factor Analysis, Internal Consistency, Multiple Linear Regression, Cluster Analysis, (Categorical) Principal Components Analysis, ANOVA, ANCOVA, MANOVA, MANCOVA, t-test etc. 

Contact Nick Naumof to talk about how Quantitative Research and Data Analysis can improve your activity.

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