Speaking at AMSRS 2016 conference

In Early September 2016 I had the privilege to give a keynote presentation and a workshop at The Australian Market & Social Research Society annual conference in Melbourne Australia.

The keynote

The keynote I gave under the title “Beyond Nudge Behavioral Design & Big Context” covered two major issues.

First it emphasized that behavioral science insights can and should be integrated in the very core of services, businesses and public policy. Simply put, we need to go from “nudges” that augment existing services and policies to the behavioral design of services and policies.

We need to go from putting a strawberry on top of an (existing) cake to making strawberry cake.

Second, when thinking about behavior and what it influences it, we have to think about the big context too. Most of behavioral science (both academic and applied) focuses on the small context – such as the influence of plate size on eating behavior. While this is true, we need to think about the broader context and how it influences what we do. For example, it is very challenging for people to walk 10,000 steps a day in an area that doesn’t have sidewalks.

The workshop

The workshop I gave covered two of the four stages of the behavioral design process (the one I use): clarification and behavioral audit.

For this we used the case of reducing (eliminating) accidental fare evasion for Public Transport Victoria.

We were very pleased with Nick Naumof's contribution to our 2016 conference as both a key note speaker and workshop facilitator.

His expertise in the field of behavioral science along with his easygoing manner and presentation style makes for an entertaining and informative mix.

Stephen Paton co-organizer of AMSRS 2016.

Want Nick Naumof speak at your event? Contact him.

For me, speaking at the AMSRS 2016 conference was a delight. I thank Stephen Paton and Leslea Clements for being wonderful hosts.

After the conference we took a tour “down-under”

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