All Payments Are Uncomfortable


Parting with one’s money brings a psychological discomfort called by psychologists
The Pain of Paying


There is room for Design in Payments

The Discomfort of Paying Depends More on


How One Pays


than on


How Much One Pays
Psychology of Money applied in payment design

Design Payments
How to Make Payments More or Less Comfortable

4 Hours Highly Interactive Workshop

How payment design influences purchasing behavior

The Level of (dis)comfort of a Payment (unconsciously) Influences the Purchase Decision

Get the Design Payments Workshop and Learn: ​

  • How payments can be more or less Comfortable depending on factors other than the amount paid,

  • The five major factors that influence a Payment’s Smoothness (the level of pain of paying),

  • One major violation of rationality made when thinking about money,

  • The (dis)comfort of different methods of payment such as cash, credit cards etc.,

  • How to influence the level of pain of paying experienced by people.

And ... It doesn’t end here
You will Apply what you Learned by Solving two Case Studies.

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Paul  Flood, Managing Director Storm Software