Nick Naumof provides highly engaging learning programs on Behavioral Science and its Practical Applications. 

Nick Naumof gave trainings, workshops and conference talks on four continents.

Nick’s behavioral design program has profoundly changed the way we perceive people and their interactions with money. His course covered several key aspects of human behavior, economics and behavioral design in both breadth and depth. This course should become the “must-have” for researchers and product designers in the financial services industry.

Pieter Rossouw, Consumer & Market Insights Manager (Z.A.)

Nick Naumof conducted two sessions for our consumer marketing and product development teams on applying the theories of behavioral science to marketing communications and UX design. Participants found it to be time well spent and came away with immediate applications for the learnings in their day-to-day work. Thanks, Nick, for all your efforts in crafting a meaningful program for our team! 

Amy Troop SVP, Consumer Experience (USA)

Engaging content from Nick who provides both an academic and real world perspective on how people think and make decisions.

Paul Flood, Managing Director (UK)


Nick delivered more than promised: content to reflect on, presentation to learn from and takeaways that the group took home to work on right away.

Jeroen Nas CEO (The Netherlands)

Behavioral Science and Behavioral Design for Financial Services.

The training program presents the particularities of human decision making regarding money and showcases ways in which they can be addressed through smart behavioral design.

Recommended for professionals in Customer Experience & Product/ Service Design at consumer finance organizations.  

Behavioral Science for Incentives, Rewards and Reminders. 

The workshop presents several behavioral science insights that can increase the effectiveness of incentives, rewards and reminders (triggers).

Recommended for professionals in Customer Experience, UX design, marketing, loyalty and retention. 

Training in Applied Behavioral Science & Behavioral Design from Nick Naumof.

Designing Decisions - Choice Architecture: Introduction and Advanced.

The training program presents insights from behavioral science on human decision making regarding choice and showcases ways in which they can be used in experience design.

Recommended for professionals in Customer Experience, UX Design, Service Design and marketing.  

Behavioral Science for Marketing Communication.

The workshop presents several behavioral science insights that can increase the effectiveness of marketing communication.

Recommended for professionals in marketing and communication. 

Introduction to Nudge and Behavioral Design.

The seminar presents the foundations of behavioral science and illustrates how they can be applied in practice.

Recommended for anyone who is curios about how understanding human nature helps business practice. 

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