Nick Naumof

Applied Behavioral Science
Thought Leader & Researcher

I help companies design services and experiences  that work with human nature, not against it.
About Nick Naumof

​Hello, I am Nick Naumof, applied behavioral science thought leader and researcher. I studied people from different scientific perspectives ranging from economics to consumer behavior, behavioral economics, and evolutionary psychology.

I help companies bridge design and psychology (behavioral science) to create better experiences for their customers and employees.  

I gave training programs, workshops and conference talks on four continents.

I worked on projects in financial product design, fast-moving consumer goods, health and wellness, human resources etc.

I am originally from Romania, I lived in The Netherlands for five years and since 2015 I live in the USA (Washington D.C. Metro area). Since 2011 I am happily married to Cornelia. 

Speaking and Training 

I have over ten years of experience in designing and delivering public presentations and training programs. 
My conference talks are both engaging and intriguing because I want to provide the audience with excellent food for thought.
We were very pleased with Nick Naumof's contribution to our conference as a key note speaker. His expertise in the field of behavioral science along with his easygoing manner and presentation style makes for an entertaining and informative mix.
Stephen Paton co-organizer of AMSRS 2016 (Australia)

I provide comprehensive and engaging workshops and seminars on how behavioral science can be integrated in the design of services, experiences and marketing communication.
Besides being very informative, the workshop was full of fun facts and engaging examples/ exercises. I highly recommend it to anyone interested in optimizing their product, interface or business model.
Marco van Hout - Program & research coordinator MediaLAB Amsterdam (The Netherlands)
Research and Consulting

The gist of behavioral science is that human behavior and decision-making are influenced by the context in which they occur to a larger extent than by the personality traits of the individuals performing them.


Simply put, what people do and what decisions they make are influenced more by contextual factors than individual characteristics. 

This truth has enormous implications for all forms of design. When you design a building, a work-space, an experience, a product, a service etc., you influence the emotions people will experience, the behavior people will exhibit and the decisions they will make. 

I do research and consult on designing the right context for the desired outcome. 


For the last thirteen years, I have been writing regularly. Since 2012, I keep an original content blog on the practical applications of behavioral science in design. I had the opportunity to be published in several online magazines (e.g. and

I wrote a mini-encyclopedia on behavioral science called It Makes (No) Sense: Between the Joy of Gaining and the Fear of Losing

In the past years, I exercised my analytical skills by writing social and political commentaries regarding my country of birth. Some of the commentaries were featured on Romanian TV station DIGI24 and in the commentary website

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